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Somerset Patrons


The Somerset Patrons primarily exist to foster greater interest in the Somerset Bowls Association and to provide the opportunity for members of affiliated Clubs to participate in cross county matches, many of which are celebratory and special games with Clubs and other Associations.

The benefits to Club members in joining the Patrons include the opportunity to meet with like-minded members of other Clubs and experience playing in a variety of locations in friendly, but competitive matches. The cost of membership is £1 for the current season. Most Patrons matches include a meal after the match. Club members must pay their registration fee to the Patrons representative.

Details of 2021 fixtures including an  'application to play' are provided in the attachment below (.pdf or .doc).Please note that all matches scheduled before June 21st are cancelled with the exception of four celebratory matches that are rescheduled and an application form for these matches is appended.