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2020 Season Summary

2020 represented the 40th anniversary of the Club’s inception but plans to celebrate this occasion had to be curtailed because of the pandemic and in the end the year proved to be one non-event.

The year started brightly enough with what proved to be the only full Management Committee meeting being held in early March. By the end of March however the Country was in full lockdown, resulting in cancellation of the Pre-season General Meeting and delayed opening of the Green. During April both the Somerset Bowls Association and Bowls England cancelled numerous Leagues, Competitions and Matches and it became clear that it was unlikely that the Club would play the majority of scheduled games.

It wasn’t until the end of May that a Quorum group of the Management Committee were able to convene and draw up contingency plans to salvage the season. Bowls England provided useful advice concerning protocols to be adopted when Greens were opened that were necessarily in line with Government advice. The Quorum Group agreed a set of Safety Instructions enabling the Green to be opened in early June for limited roll up sessions. Over the next three months, relaxation of restrictions enabled greater numbers of members to attend roll ups but it proved impractical to organise any competitions and only a couple of impromptu friendly matches were played against other Clubs.

In view of the restricted Bowling opportunities, membership fees were reduced to £20. However, a number of members kindly paid additional amounts to compensate for loss of revenue, for which the Club was extremely grateful. In the latter part of the Season the Club was able to secure a grant of £10,000 under the Government funded ‘Retail, Hospitality and Leisure’ awards scheme.

Despite the restrictions during the season, the Working Party members regularly attended the Club, ensuring the Green, Surrounds and Buildings were maintained to a high standard. The work of these members (Dave Forsyth, Ian Badman, Peter David, Harry Kretz and Peter King) was much appreciated.

Overall Membership numbers held up well, despite the limited bowling opportunities and despite the absence of a recruitment campaign and formalised open sessions, three new bowlers joined the Club. Regrettably a number of persons associated with the Club passed away this year, most notably life member, Lizzie Cooper, ex-President Tony Burt, Jean Edmunds and Colin Dyer. The Club also learned of the passing of Mike Norris and Joy Male both of whom left the Club some years ago. The family of late-ex-Club member, Peter Drain kindly presented the Club with a new wooden bench.

Finally, a start has been made on Construction of the main Clubhouse extension with the foundations having been laid but the pandemic has delayed this work which is still hoped to be completed before activities commence in 2021.