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Why Participate in Bowls

The sport of Bowls is widely recognised as a ‘sport for all’. People of all ages and abilities can participate, making it a suitable sport for involving the  whole family.  
It has been medically proven that the action of bowling improves general health and provides exercise for muscles and joints. As well as enhancing physical conditioning, the social benefits from joining a bowls club can aid in improving both psychological and emotional well being. Delivering weighty bowls stretches the muscles employed and conditions others, thereby providing good anaerobic exercise. The mental focus required to optimise performance during games also exercises the mind and aids concentration.
Joining a Bowls Club not only provides the opportunity to regularly participate in the sport but also provides a forum for meeting new people, socialising and tackling new challenges. The social benefits include the opportunity to make new friends, participate in a variety of activities associated with the club, rekindle interest in life following bereavement and above all create enjoyment.
Generally bowls clubs have a strong community spirit and are particularly welcoming of new members and those wishing to try the sport. This is certainly true of the ethos of Somerton & District Bowls Club.