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By far the greatest costs for lawn bowls clubs are the necessary outlay on maintenance of the green and surrounding infrastructure. The income of most clubs generally derives from membership subscriptions, match fees and fund raising activities. However these alone are generally insufficient to cover all expenses, particularly maintenance of the green.
Historically at Somerton & District Bowls Club, unpaid volunteers have conducted much of the work on the green. On occasions where professional green maintenance services have been employed costs have rocketed and the overall condition of the green has not improved. Currently a small group of willing members regularly conduct work to maintain the green and its surrounds, both during the bowling season and over the winter period.
In order to prepare a healthy green, fit for purpose it is necessary to conduct operations such as regular mowing, scarifying, hollow tining, top dressing and surface treatments throughout the year. The costs of purchasing and maintaining the equipment required are considerable.
The above-mentioned teams of volunteers regularly gather on Monday mornings to perform maintenance tasks that are essential to keep the facilities of the Club up to standard. The Club is indebted to these volunteers who in the current 2018/2019 period comprise:- Mary Sutton, Dave Sutton, Ian Badman, Peter David, Peter King, Mike Leamon and Dave Forsyth. As testimony to their efforts, our green was widely recognised as one of the best bowling surfaces in the region, during the 2018 season. Many other local greens looked withered and dry during the hot summer whilst ours was verdant throughout.
Anyone prepared to offer their services on a regular or occasional basis should contact Ian Badman (Maintenance Representative on the Management Committee) who will be more than willing to involve them

Slit Tining Green (note Sorcerer's Apprentice) Slit Tining Green (note Sorcerer's Apprentice)