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Viaduct Magazine Article

By Peter Jones, Club Secretary SOMERTON & DISTRICT BOWLS CLUB

Monday, 3 May 2021




The following aricle will appear in the May edition of the Viaduct magazine. The recent improvements to the Club will be highlighted in this year's recruitment campaign hoping to attract new members

Facelift at Somerton & District Bowls Club

Over the last two years, a significant programme of work has been undertaken at the site of Somerton & District Bowls Club, situated on the Sports Ground at Gassons Lane. Initially a new equipment shed was erected, replacing the old shed that had assumed an agricultural appearance over the years. Subsequently a new resin-bonded pathway was installed along the entrance side of the green, replacing flagstones that were prone to movement. The most significant development however was the installation of a new frontage on the main Clubhouse building. The original Clubhouse has stood since the mid-eighties and the windows and doors were badly needing replacement. It was decided to take the opportunity to extend the building forwards and install a new glass-panelled wall that would provide more room, improve lighting and enable a weather-proof viewing facility. This work was conducted over the winter and is now complete. Subsequently the resin-boded path has been extended in front of the extension and it is planned to install railings alongside as a safety measure. It is expected that these new facilities will greatly enhance the experience of both members and visitors to the Club.

Whilst the present pandemic has greatly restricted much sporting activity, outdoor sports played in the summer months are likely to be the first where restrictions can be relaxed. Already Bowls England have produced their own road map for the guidance of member Clubs suggesting that with the acceptance of some early season restrictions, activities should return to some sort of normality.

From late April onwards, the Club will be open and anyone wishing to try the Sport can attend roll-up sessions on Tuesday evenings and Friday afternoons, where equipment can be supplied and coaching given. Enquiries about membership are always welcome. To get a flavour of the Bowls experience and social activities of the Cub, together with contact details, please visit the Club website at

Contact Information

Peter Jones, Club Secretary


Somerton & District Bowls Club, Gassons Lane, Somerton, Somerset, TA116HS


Additional Information

There is a Car Park at the main Somerton Sports Club. Follow footpath around main building past Tennis Club on left and continue for 100yards to find concealed main entrance to Bowls Club.