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Minutes of Meeting May 16th 2022

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held on Monday, May 16th 2022

Present P.Catlin, J.McFarlane, M.Sutton, P.Gray, P.Jones, L.Smalldon, B.Pearson, A.Kelly, R Kelly, S. Withers

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed those present

1. Apologies for Absence

Received from I.Badman

2. Minutes of the Committee Meeting of February 21st and Pre-season, Spring Meeting of March 21st

These were accepted as a true record. There were no matters arising that are not covered in the agenda

3. Updates (as relavent) from Committee Officers

3.1 Secretary

The Secretary advised that all necessary protocols required by the SBA had been completed. Seven members did not renew their subscriptions this year, a high proportion of them being men. Two new lady bowlers namely Pat Turner and Dru Perry have joined the Club. This makes our membership now 52 comprising 28 men and 24 ladies. To date very few visitors have attended roll ups and we do need to turn our attention to recruiting more male bowlers. Disappointingly, it was nor possible to get the Club enrolled for Bowls England ‘Big Bowls Weekend’ this year due to confusion over dates and it is felt the Open/Fun day scheduled for Monday, May 28th would be poorly attended by visitors. The Secretary proposed that this event be cancelled and that we concentrate on organising an Open Day to coincide with the Jubilee. He also proposed that an additional activity day be organised for Members with Glynne agreeing to organise an Australian pairs day for Saturday, July 23rd (date of a cancelled Men’s League Match). There were no objections to these proposals. A card had been received from Eddie Robinson thanking all those who attended his farewell party.

3.2 Treasurer

Presently the Bank Balance is £24,341. This includes tour deposits of £2050.

3.3 Men’s Captain

In absentia, Ian wished to highlight the difficulties he is having in getting sufficient players for Men’s matches

3.3 Ladies Captain

The ladies league matches shortly commence and Lynn is heartened by the increase in number of ladies members. It is just a matter of encouraging them to put their names down for matches.

3.4 Competition Secretaries

The Competitions have got off to a slow start. Ann mentioned that an alternative engraver for the trophies had been located that may provide a cheaper option. The requirement to engrave runners up trophies was queried.

None of the other Officers and Representatives had anything to report.

4. Revision of the Club Constitution

The sub-committee charged with rewriting the Club Constitution have produced a provisional document, based on the format of the model provided by Bowls England. This document is more comprehensive and lengthier than the present Constitution document and had been circulated to the non-participating management committee members ahead of this meeting. The document was accepted by the meeting and will be presented at the AGM for membership endorsement. The sub-committee had felt that a précised version might be produced for members, highlighting the key points. This proposal was rejected. One clause in the new document states that every member agrees to comply with the Club rules and any byelaws and regulations of the Club. No specific set of rules exists and it was agreed that the sub-committee reconvene to draw up such rules.

5. Pre-season Meeting

The recent pre-season meeting had been poorly attended and most committee members had little to report. It was queried whether in future the Club should hold such an unproductive general meeting. The pros and cons of such a meeting were discussed with the general feeling being that an opportunity for members to meet before the season to air matters of concern was beneficial but this could be arranged in an informal way. Members could be briefed pre-season via a newsletter. The coffee morning where members drift in and out was not deemed to be a suitable forum. Topic to be raised again before the AGM.

6. Toilet Block Extension

Since the last committee meeting Brian had arranged for a friendly builder to visit the site and be briefed on the plans for the extension with a view to giving a quote. Following the meeting, the builder has not yet come back. It was thought that with the current inflationary building costs any quotation might be short lived and any such work will need to be conducted out of season. No further action planned at present.

7. Queen’s Jubilee Club Involvement

The Chairman outlined the programme of events planned to be held on the Sports Field over the Jubilee period. It was agreed that the Club should be opened to visitors on Saturday June 4 th and members living within walking distance be asked to assist if available. The Secretary will canvas support and produce a poster to be put on the gates.

Martyn George had asked whether a tree could be planted within the precincts of the Club with a commemorative plaque to mark the Jubilee. Phil had raised the subject with the Trustees and whilst not objecting to the proposal would need to approve the nature and siting of a tree. In discussion various concerns were raised and the consensus was that we should not proceed with this.

8. Club Shirts

Pam has now relinquished responsibility for organising supplies of shirts and members should obtain them directly from the supplier. Notices providing contact details will be put up in the changing rooms.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 Timing of General Meetings (raised by Phil)

A proposal was made at the Spring Meeting that general meetings be held in the afternoon rather than on dark evenings in the winter. It was felt that since the only fixed meeting affected is the AGM this should not change but the concern was noted

. 9.2 Plastic Chairs (raised by Lynn)

No progress has been made in obtaining new chairs to replace the damaged ones. There presently are sufficient seats to accommodate attendees at bowls matches but the different shapes and sizes require positioning around tables. It has proved difficult to locate suitable replacements but the matter will continue to be investigated.

9.3 Ukrainian Refugees (raised by Brian)

Brian mentioned that a number of Ukrainian refugees will be relocating to the Somerton area and he is involved with ensuring their welfare that includes seeking to assist their integration into the local community. He suggested that the Bowls Club could play a part in this and proposed that we offer them a period of complimentary membership so that they could gather together at the Club and have an opportunity to play a sport. The meeting was broadly supportive of this proposal.

9.3 Post-Match Bar Arrangements (raised by Peter)

In the past the opening of the Sports Club bar after bowls games has been hit and miss. Peter queried whether the system was working well this season. There have been some issues but Graham seems prepared to assist us and has offered to train nominated individuals from our Club to act as volunteers. This should ensure smoother running in the future.

9.4 Record Books in the Clubhouse (raised by Peter)

Members need to be reminded that all visitors should be signed in, particularly if they play on the Green, otherwise they are uninsured. Likewise, it appears that accidents are not being recorded that is an essential requirement for organisations under health and safety and could leave the Club liable

. 9.5 Grants for Club Improvement (raised by Pam)

Pam mentioned that South Petherton had received a grant, arranged by a commercial organisation, who get a percentage for their services. This had enabled the Club to make improvements to their buildings and toilet facilities. Could we do the same? More information needed.

10. Date of next Committee Meeting

Monday, August 8th  Meeting closed at 20:45